Life Changing Support Coordination

Fulfilling a range of social, communicational and hands-on milestones can prove challenging for many Australians.

Love, Live, Laugh are committed to providing those with a range of disabilities the care, compassion and support they need to improve and revitalise their lives.

Our team thoroughly understands how NDIS plans are structured and administered, backed by plenty of experience in plan negotiation.

If you’re ready to partner up with a new Support Coordinator, we’d be excited to have you join us!

Benefits of our Support Coordination Services

You’re in Control

While our Support Coordinators provide advice and handle the hard work, all decisions regarding your plan and our services come down to you!

Highly Qualified & Accredited Teams

Our Support Coordinators are expertly trained within their roles ensuring our clients keep up to date with what’s happening in the disability support realm.

Make Friends for Life!

We want to partner with you and your family to build upon client-support worker relationships while securing lifelong connections. We’ll delve into what you’re fundamentally looking for and recommend a service package to appropriately accommodate your plan’s goals.

How We Help

We’re all about individual support that’s set up to sync with each of our client’s lifestyles, requirements, hobbies, and more! Your Support Coordinator will:

  • Explore and provide advice on your NDIS plan options ensuring you’re maximising your benefits
  • Handle communication between you and your plan managers on your behalf
  • Negotiate and resolve complex issues involving your plan or its management
  • Intermittently review and re-evaluate your plan as your lifestyle requirements change
  • Submit and manage assessments regarding eligibility for new or replacement assistive equipment and components.
  • Help you become more confidently involved in your local community
  • Meet you anywhere! - Our Support Coordinators will liaise with you and your family wherever you are across Greater Sydney to discuss your situation.