Pioneering Disability Support

With a passion for our industry and a high-spirited approach towards our care capabilities, Love, Live, Laugh quickly becomes your new home-away-from-home.

Our team make up a devoted network of partners dedicated to helping overcome the social barriers that often limit a person’s full potential to succeed and thrive in modern Australian society.

Our support services span from group recreation and interactive skill-building to employment venture assistance and advanced in-home care.

Why Join Us?

  • We’re NDIS-registered! - Expert advice and support services delivered in-home and at our Sydney-based centres.
  • Partner with an Active, Energetic Community - We help power our clients’ ambitions to integrate and connect with their local communities on both social and professional levels.
  • Competitive Service Packages - Highly personalised, customised support services designed to suit individuals, their specific requirements and their lifestyles.
  • Ensure You’re NDIS Plan-Satisfied - Let the experts assess your plan and offer circumstance-specific advice on how to get the most out of your entitlements.
  • Relationship Development Focused - We strongly encourage social inclusion while helping our clients adapt to and familiarise themselves with a range of public and collaborative environments.

Guided & Goal-Oriented Services

Love, Live, Laugh offer a range of support programs and services including:

Support Coordination

Supporting lifelong skills and confidence building through fun and energetic partnerships. With a team boasting a spectrum of expertise, we help lead our clients to experience and understand common social duties while providing the essential tools to promote independence.

Whether it's the occasional appointment, job interview or other personal travel requirements, Love, Live, Laugh will ensure streamlined transportation for all our clients is a guarantee every time!

Access the Experts You Need

We’re committed to matching every individual with their required medical and support professionals, pairing our clients with a range of suitable clinicians.

Finding the most compatible support community can be challenging on your own with limited access to industry experts. Let us link you up with a database of local Psychologists, Physios, Osteos, Personal Trainers and more, ensuring you’re maximising every component of your NDIS plan.

Tailored Plans

Love, Live, Laugh’s Support Coordination means sourcing the right support team, connecting you with the right clinicians and offering the most suitable excursion schedule minus the headache.

Our Support Coordination team ensures clients are appropriately and compatibly matched with individually-tailored plans, extracting the full potential from their NDIS allocations.

Support Services

We believe that education, demonstration and professional guidance assist our clients in navigating the oftentimes overwhelming nature of the social world.

From in-home cleaning and landscaping to assistance within everyday social settings, Love, Live, Laugh welcome partners of all ages and disability or medical backgrounds to our ever-expanding family.

Promoting positive lifestyle pathways through support leadership, our support personnel are committed to providing dynamic and comprehensive services that help people grow!

Join us on daily confidence-building outings to:

  • Sports centres - Gyms, Personal Training etc.
  • Activity and recreation centres - Bowling, Arcades
  • Local Parks - National Parks, Pet Parks and Public Gardens
  • Shopping centres
  • Cinemas
  • Local beaches and coastal locations.

Respite Trips

We’ll ensure your loved ones reach their respite communities safe and sound! Offering friendly, comfortable and super convenient transportation and accommodation services, Love, Live, Laugh can organise, manage and coordinate respite trips between homes and facilities Sydney-wide.

Whether it’s a few hours or a few days per week, we’ll ensure both our clients and their families are fulfilled and content with our highly personalised respite arrangements.


We want to inspire people with disabilities to join our lifestyle programs, day trips and other excursions designed to enhance self-confidence and highlight the benefits of regular social group participation.