About Our Respite Trips

Transitioning to respite living can be a little daunting. Our experienced support staff at Love, Live, Laugh can help make all kinds of new accommodations and daily routine changes more enjoyable, streamlined and ultimately, adaptable.

We understand how important it is to feel comfortable, safe and well looked after when in the hands of professional support staff, especially while familiarising yourself with new living arrangements.

Love, Live, Laugh enthusiastically onboard all types of client requests and are committed to accommodating our clients in every way possible!

What are Respite Trips?

Respite arrangements offer many benefits to people with disabilities, their families and their support workers. Respite trips are short-term stays away from home arranged for those who regularly rely on disability support.

Most commonly booked from multiple days to a few weeks, respite trips provide:

  • Clients with opportunities to build independent living skills within a comfortable, assisted space, and
  • Support workers, families and friends with a revitalisation period simultaneously, helping maintain and improve mental health within our industry and carer’s community.

Why Choose Love, Live, Laugh for Respite Services?

  • Personalised Accommodation Arrangements - We’ll organise and coordinate respite care for your loved ones for as short or as long as required.
  • Highly Trained Support Staff - Whether it’s in-home assistance, public interactions guidance or public transport navigation, our support personnel are equipped to lend a hand.
  • Complete Mobility Solutions - Specialised accommodation and vehicles are available offering a comprehensive range of respite travel and lifestyle options.
  • Safe & Reliable Tailored Transfers - 24/7 transportation and in-home respite care.
  • Fully Licensed, Accredited & Insured - Providing complete peace of mind for families and loved ones.

Our Respite Care Services

Love, Live, Laugh offer several types of professional respite care services including aged care and disability care services. We’re dedicated to providing highly personalised respite living to ensure our clients are comfortable and completely satisfied with where they’re staying and the team looking after them. An individual’s circumstances generally determine the style of respite care best suited and structured for them. Love, Live, Laugh’s respite care services include:

In-home Respite

We provide support services at the client’s residence. We’ll assist them with as little as daily activities and tasks to as much as all their essential duties and physical needs, depending on the level of care required.

Day Trip/Community Access Respite

We organise and coordinate a number of day-time outings and excursions, often to clubs, entertainment complexes, parks and many other activity hubs. Socially orientated and community-based, these respite trips are designed to help clients enhance their confidence in a fun-filled group setting.

Residential/Hotel Respite

Our support personnel can assist with finding, booking and managing hourly, overnight or long-term respite accommodation. We’ll provide disability support services at the selected location, with families commonly opting for everything from weekend visits to intermittent multi-week stays.

Emergency Respite Care

A specialised form of respite care where a carer is unexpectedly and suddenly unable to provide the required support a person needs. Planned in advance and highly individualised, Love, Live, Laugh have the capacity to arrange Emergency Respite Care at relatively short notice within a range of circumstances.

Transitional Respite Care

People returning home from hospital or other care may require additional in-home support although being well enough to live independently. We can connect discharged clients with a support and therapies network, providing them access to a range of local medical professionals to help simplify transitional periods.

Getting the Most Out of Respite Care

Love, Live, Laugh want to guarantee our clients a positive, comforting and reassuring respite care experience every time. Oftentimes it’s the less observable things that make the most significant impact regarding the quality of a person’s respite living arrangements.

We suggest considering:

  • Communicating both your specific needs and the requirements of clients in detail before they leave their primary home
  • Ensuring respite personnel understand the client’s likes/dislikes, interests, and hobbies when arranging accommodation
  • Beginning with short stays, allowing clients the gradually develop the confidence for extended future trips

Enquiring about professional respite care early on within your caring responsibilities ensures your needs and physical and mental health are being met while performing such vital roles.

Resting and restoring yourself can be equally as important as providing those with disabilities opportunities to grow independently.