Our Support Services

As our clients’ preferences, skills and confidence levels grow and change, we understand the importance of restructuring tailored support to better suit our participants.

Relocating into aided or alternative living arrangements generally requires some type or level of assistance during the pre-transitioning phases, as well as during ongoing support.

Love, Live, Laugh provides comprehensive disability support and NDIS coordination-related services to hundreds of Sydney-based clients and their families.

We combine life skills and confidence building with inclusion-focused community events and real-world participation. That’s why we can guarantee an across-the-board method of providing top-tier support to each and every client!

Highly Personalised Services

Our services are modelled based on inclusion, boosting self-confidence and client-specific skills building.
Love, Live, Laugh offer a range of coordinated support programs and services including:

Community Interaction

Courage and self-reliance within public settings are crucial to successful peer-to-peer interaction. Whether it’s a casual supermarket visit, a day at your favourite sports facility or just improving conversational skills, our highly trained personnel will centralise their support towards those specific areas, commonly involving:

  • Shopping
  • Paying bills
  • Bank and Post Office trips
  • Hobbies

Daily Life Skills Building

With both guided in-home one-on-one care and activity centre supervision, we help our participants with a spectrum of personal duties including:

  • Personal Care - Bathing, showering, and dressing
  • Job Seeking - Job searching and guided employment-related communication
  • Lifestyle Advice - Educating to improve daily health and wellbeing
  • Budgeting - Managing finances appropriately

Visitation Support

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we’re routinely checking in on your loved ones by arranging a scheduled call-in service. Whether it’s an independent or a group, assisted living environment, we’ll tailor at-home support to ensure we’re maintaining a favourable participation-privacy balance. From your home, our assistance focuses on the following:

  • Housekeeping Responsibilities - Cooking, meal prepping, cleaning and laundry tasks
  • Light Landscaping Duties - Gardening, lawn care and general yard maintenance
  • Medical Appointment Assistance - Accompanying clients to doctors’ surgeries, hospitals etc.

Social Activities & Excursions

Love, Live, Laugh provide a range of community programs designed to introduce new social skills while developing existing proficiencies like:

  • Relationship Development - Building and maintaining long-term friendships
  • Public Event Attendance - Joining the community and enjoying upcoming events

We Come to You

Our dynamic network of in-home support staff works with individuals and their families Sydney-wide.

With an incredibly flexible and diverse roster, Love, Live, Laugh support workers are more than happy to meet or provide services at locations that suit you!